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Story Art & Museum

Imagination is the heart of it all

 Mission Statement

     Our mission is to inspire imagination by connecting 
       people with their cultural heritage through 
 performance, art and history.

   We tell stories. We play.
     We hear music. We play.  
                                                                            We write stories. We play.                                                                                    We see art. We play.     

     We act. We sing.

     We learn. We play.


           Sharing what we create and imagine is fundamental 
         to our human story and to 
           Story Art & Museum’s purpose. 

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Bringing Change
We are here to inform, inspire and encourage imagination.



Faith Wick's Fairyland

The museum is a self-guided and self-directed activity exhibiting story-related art. Figures created by artist Faith Wick are exhibited in creative settings or dioramas. Over 100 regionally and nationally recognized artists have contributed to our collection. 

Admission to the museum is free. Donations of $5 per person are suggested to help sustain the museum. 

The exhibit shares a tradition of sharing fairytales and historic figures which began on the Iron Range in 1948 as Fairyland Park in Marble, MN. The museum inspires memories and imagination for all ages.



Reading - Study - Play

The reading, study lounge and quiet play area provide self-directed activities with additional guidance available from docents. Resources include books on design, fashion, art, clothing, anatomy, biography, fairy tales, folktales, dolls, doll collecting, teddy bears, doll making, etc. This unique collection informed and inspired Faith's creations. The play area includes board games, blocks, LEGOS, role-playing figures, puzzles, miniature animals, and musical instruments. Also available in this space are tables and stools for small children.

A small theater space is provided for creating children's theatrical or dance presentations as well as providing a backdrop for storytelling or music performances.

Check out our classes in art, music, and general education! 

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Gatherings - Events - Classes

Our Gathering Room is the hub of Story Art & Museum. Here is an area for storytelling, chamber music, theater, poetry reading, and creative writing.

Participate in a class or reserve the space for a business meeting, family gathering, birthday or anniversary.  Meeting space is available at an hourly rate.

Story Art events are centered in this space, including beginning accordion, story math, Fairytale LEGO Competition, music performances, and classes on sewing, sculpture, and miniatures. 

Visit the gift shop  to purchase work by regional guest artists, art and craft supplies, and books.

Be inspired to share your own creativity. 

Get in Touch
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             Alice in Wonderland

            The rabbit-hole went
            straight on like a tunnel    
            for some way, and then dipped
            suddenly down, so suddenly
            Alice had no moment
            to think about stopping
            herself before she found herself
            falling down what seemed
            to be a very deep well...

Contact Story Art & Museum

Old Central School
10 NW 5th St, Suite 212
Grand Rapids, MN 55744


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